Custom Book Trailers

Just Like a Movie Trailer, But For Your Book!

Why Do You Need a Trailer For Your Book?

A book trailer can entice potential readers to buy once they see the visual “ad” for your book on social media.

  • Bring your book to life with video
  • Tease your potential reader and motivate them to buy
  • Build a community on social media

Where to Post Your Book Trailer

A book trailer is a video and can be posted to social media, YouTube, and more.

  • YouTube on your own channel
  • Embedded in a website
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn via YouTube link
  • MailChimp, Constant Contact, and similar email services via YouTube link

The Book Trailer Process

First, we schedule a Zoom call to discuss your book, graphics, and the message you want your book trailer to convey.

Your Book Trailer will include:

  • The story or premise of your book told via images and text, edited together to create a video
  • Appropriate music will be added
  • A 3D image of your book, description, and link to purchase

You will receive a first draft of the book trailer, we will tweak and make changes if necessary, and then when the trailer is complete, we will provide the video file in an MP4 file.

Once you have your Book Trailer file, you can add it to YouTube, your website, and more.

Book Trailer Pricing

15 Second Book Trailer


30 Second Book Trailer



Additional Services

Setup of YouTube Channel with Video Upload $150