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Guiding You Through the Self-Publishing Process

Richard Wolf, self publishing expert

Richard Wolf

Self-Publishing Guide

If stories are held close and never shared with the world, ideas cannot be discovered, concepts will not be learned, and human understanding may not progress.

You’ve put your story down on “paper,” and now it’s time to share it with the world. From editing to marketing, and all the steps in between, the journey to achieving your publishing goals may seem daunting and complex. Where do I find an editor, or cover designer? Amazon or Ingram Spark? Do I need an eBook? How do I market my book?

As your guide and project manager, we’ll work together to create a team of book professionals matched to your unique needs and goals, which could include writing coaches, editors, cover and interior designers, illustrators, web designers, marketing experts, and more. The team will take you on a collaborative and interactive publishing journey to help you turn your ideas and writing into a professional, published book.

It would be my honor to guide you through your self-publishing journey. Let’s have a chat about your book and your goals for publishing. 

Do you Need a Self-Publishing Guide?

You will encounter many steps in the self-publishing process, and just as many questions. At each step, you will need to make decisions that affect your book and its future. Some of these choices are easy, and some are more complex and require strategy and planning based on the goals you set for your book.

  • What type of editing does my book need?
  • KDP, Ingram Spark, or Barnes and Noble? 
  • What trim size is best?
  • Do I need a publishing company?
  • What’s the best social media channel for marketing my book?

As a self-publishing guide, my role in your self-publishing journey is to support you through the process with information, education, advice, and strategy. There are tasks I complete for you, and some you will finalize. Much of the process is collaborative and interactive as we work together to bring your book into the world. As your guide, I am with you, and your book, every step of the process.

The Self-Publishing Process

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Step One

Your self-publishing journey started on your introductory call as we chatted about you and your book, and we began to set the framework for your book’s future.

We will schedule several calls during the process, and during our first meeting, we’ll take a deeper dive into the goals and dreams you have for your book. From there, I refine your plan, set timelines and expectations, and assign tasks for both of us.

Step Two

Here, we begin to assemble your team, starting with editing. Once editing is in place and we have a timeline for completion, we will start working on pre-launch marketing, setting up needed online accounts, planning the reviews process, and formulating distribution channels.

Step Three

Here’s where the fun begins—the creative process. You’ll begin to work with Victoria on your cover, and once your manuscript is out of editing, your interior formatting and eBook.


Step Four

Your book has been fully designed, and you are ready to start uploading to your platforms. We are finishing up marketing tasks, making plans for your launch, and putting in place best practices for getting your book into the world.


Step Five

Launch time! We’ve planned and prepared, and now your day is here!


Step Six

The self-publishing journey does not end on launch day. From a Best-Seller Campaign and social media promotion, to book signings and podcasts, we will work together ninety days post-launch as you are promoting your book.


Self-Publishing Guide Fees

When I work with authors as their Self-Publishing Guide, each project is unique and based on their goals for their book. That’s why we have a range for our pricing. You may need me to guide you through the entire process, or just a portion of it. After our initial discovery call, I will provide you with a solid estimate.

$2,500 to $3,800

The fee includes guidance, advice, education, and strategy throughout the self-publishing process. Depending on your needs, the fee will include:

  • Coordination and management of the self-publishing team, including editors, designers, and other book industry experts, as needed.
  • Finding the best editor for you and your book and coordinating the editing process
  • Assessing your book’s genre and category
  • Deciding on trim size
  • Helping you make decisions on and setting the business side of publishing your book
  • Deciding on distribution channels and then establishing and optimizing needed online accounts
  • Researching and establishing online keywords and categories for the best positioning of your book
  • Creating a marketing strategy for your book and giving you the guidance you need to market your book
  • Planning and strategizing your book launch
  • Post-launch support and guidance

NOTE: Editing fees are NOT included in the Self-Publishing Guide Fee. Similarly, book design fees are NOT included in the Self-Publishing Guide fee.


Self-Publishing FAQ

Do I Keep All My Royalties?

YES! You will establish each book distribution channel you choose under your name company, making you the sole owner of your book. Wolf Design and Marketing will NEVER take any share of your royalties. Amazon and Ingram Spark, of course, will take their share.

Do You Work With Authors Outside the US?

YES! We can work with you, no matter where in the world you are. We have helped authors from many countries, including Japan, the Netherlands, France, Australia, and England. 

Do You Offer Packages?

We customize all our services based on each author’s needs, creating a custom plan or package.

I have'nt completed my writing. Can I still engage you?

Yes, we would love to work with you at any point in the writing process.